Legacy Builders Leadership Academy

Academy Mission

The Legacy Builders Leadership Academy (LBLA) is a living school dedicated to the cultivation and support of transformational, compassionate, and community minded leaders in under-served communities around the globe. The Academy celebrated a successful international debut in Mafeking, South Africa in July 2017. 

The Legacy Builders Leadership Academy seeks to empower up-and-coming community leaders through workshops composed by professionals donating their resources and skills to educate participants. The 3-5 day workshops are designed  to invoke a rapid shift in mindset and highlight participants values and assets that exist within themselves and their communities. This helps to ignite collaboration and deeper commitment to service to the people and needs within their own locale. The unique proposition of being a "living school" is that the curriculum  is based on the particular needs of the community in which the workshops are hosted and adjusts accordingly. 

Legacy Builder Leadership workshops are presented at no cost to the participants, most of whom would be unable to access or afford to attend on their own. Food, transportation and accommodations are provided for participants to have the highest level experience. Currently, LBLA is solely funded through generous donations and sponsorship from philanthropic and civic minded individuals wishing to make an impact in the world and lives of our global family. 

Legacy Builders Leadership Academy operates in the spirit of encouraging diversity, inclusion and compassion towards others. We champion being change agents and creating environments of continuing and sustainable development.

"Strong Leaders Build Strong Communities"


There are a number of ways to support our work, but one of the most important keys to being able to continue to provide our highly impactful workshops through the academy is via generous donations from our supporters. Please be a Legacy Builder and help us to continue building our global community by donating. Monetary donations are tax deductible.THANK YOU!